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05 July 2006

Pathetic Politicans

Is it any wonder that fewer and fewer people are bothering to turn out for elections? All they get for their trouble is a bunch of self-serving characters, some of whom rise to the giddy heights of local, national and international “leadership” apparently without the necessary skills in leadership, judgement, or an appreciation of history.

Their effectiveness can be seen on our own doorstep and on the world stage. Here’s an example of the dumbness on our own doorstep: in 1997 Tony Blair’s new Labour government promised us an Integrated Transport Policy. In 2006 we now have train companies raising fares as a means of preventing overcrowding, and trains also seems to work in a different universe to that of the buses. The other week I sat inside a long-distance bus at Malton Bus Station as it awaited the due departure time. Malton Bus Station is opposite the train station. A train from York pulled into the station; as it set off again, so did our bus. Then, as we proceeded down the road, a train from Scarborough also arrived; all this within the space of about three minutes, and yet neither bus nor trains were destined to exchange passengers. So where’s the integrated transport, Mr Blair? You’ve had nine years to show us your policy in action.

On the world stage our puny politicians learn nothing from previous experience. The Korean War was supposed to halt the advance of Communism. It didn’t - and we still have a Communist North Korea that is more dangerous now than ever before. The Vietnam War was supposed to halt the advance of Communism. It didn’t - a so-called civilised democracy unleashed chemical warfare on an unprecedented scale and after thousands of Vietnamese and American deaths and casualties the USA was driven into a humiliating defeat and their seriously scarred war veterans returned home to a less than enthusiastic welcome.

Following the disgusting “9/11” attack on the “Twin Towers”, instead of instituting an intelligent program of seriously undermining the foundations of “Al Quaeda” the Bush regime felt it had to show the American people that something readily identifiable (like a country) should be bombed - and so the Afghanistan adventure began. In 2006 the elected Afghan President has no control outside the confines of NATO protection, and the Taliban are back in force. Heroin production from the poppy fields is on the increase, and street prices for heroin are at an all-time low. British soldiers are now in the Helmand Province, supposedly in a non-combatant role - a role that appears to involve a lot of military casualties and deaths! So, what’s been achieved? Bugger all.

Then the Bush regime (with Tony Blair’s willing involvement, to his everlasting shame) decided that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a threat to us all. Not many of us (non-politicians) felt this to be the case, and any fool knew that Iraq had nothing to do with the “9/11” incident or “Al Quaeda”. Far from the world being a safer place as a result of our joint attack and occupation, the world is now a more dangerous place. Thousands more Iraqis, Americans, British and other nationals have died or been injured, and now “Al Quaeda” is definitely involved in Iraq. So, what’s been achieved? Bugger all.

When are these power-crazed and corrupt politicians going to realise that it’s about time they stopped stomping around the world and throwing their weight around? It’s time they tried something more constructive.

Telling the truth would be a good start.I feel better now. (I think.)