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21 October 2011

Another Tyrant Down

The final demise of Colonel Gaddafi was welcome news, and I take heart from realising that many such tyrants eventually meet a sticky end. Sadly, it often takes a very long time.

I am disappointed that the Libyan opposition forces decided to finish him off, as I believe that he should have stood trial in the full glare of world publicity, and made to answer for his many crimes.

The greatest tyrant of them all in modern times was of course Adolph Hitler, (with Joseph Stalin as a close runner-up). Hitler got his just desserts, but it took 6 long and bloody years.

Then, with the downfall of Communism in the USSR and eastern Europe, Ceacescu of Romania eventually faced summary execution. Good-bye also to Milosevic of Serbia, and his vile henchmen.

Then farewell and good riddance to Saddam Hussein, and now it's Gaddafi's turn after his 40 years of torture and terrorism.

Hitler, Saddam and Gaddafi have one thing in common .. they met their end underground. Hitler in his Berlin bunker, Saddam in a less sophisticated version of the same, and Gaddaffi in a sewer (that seems an appropriate place for him).

Unfortunately Mugabe of Zimbabwe is still with us, but we must live in hope, and trust also that some Arab nations currently suffering oppression under tyrannical governments will soon enjoy a Libyan-style liberation.