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11 October 2012

Brave Girl in Pakistan

That brave 14-year old campaigner for the education of girls has done the world a great favour. Unfortunately she had to take a bullet in the head to do it.

We must all be thankful that she survived this hideous attack by the Taliban, thanks to the efforts of the Pakistani doctors who successfully treated her.

The favour she has done the world is to remind us all, in the most graphic way possible that these people calling themselves the Taliban are ignorant and uneducated bullies with a medieval mindset and 21st century weapons. It is a lethal combination, and we must hope that the ceaseless campaigning by this young girl in recent years for the proper education of girls will result in something positive.

The signs are good.  As a consequence of this disgusting attack there have recently been massive demonstrations in favour of female education and against the Taliban. The signs are particularly hopeful because for the most part these demonstrations have been carried out by women.

Perhaps it will take armies of angry women to do what various national governments have failed to do .. destroy the Taliban for good.

We can but hope.