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23 January 2016

Time for STRAIGHT Talking?

I hate intolerance and blind prejudice. I am therefore worried that what I am writing here might be construed as the ranting of an intolerant, prejudiced fascist. I appreciate that in these “politically correct” times I am tip-toeing around a mine field, and any minute now I might be the victim of an explosion of outrage from one of those people who like to regard different groups of people as potential victims.

I am a heterosexual male. There, I’ve said it! But Heterosexual is a long word for today’s level of education, and it’s deemed preferable to call me “Straight”. If I were homosexual, then I’d have to describe myself as “Gay” which, by the way, used to mean lively, animated, vivacious. To those who know me, therefore, I cannot be regarded as “Gay” in any sense of the word!

Depending upon which set of statistics you are happy to believe, and which country in the world you are looking at, I represent somewhere between 90% and 97% of humanity. So why is that I am beginning to feel like a minority under attack?

We are regularly bombarded by news items, editorials, blogs, and discussions concerning the so-called “LGBT Community” as if they are somehow a special breed of humanity requiring preservation and nurture, like some endangered species of animal.

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people feature in television programs in proportions that far outweigh their actual number. I probably wouldn’t feel driven to even mentioning this but for the fact that they are sometimes thrust into our faces in the most graphical manner; the most recent manifestation of this was in a spy thriller called “London Spy” put out by the BBC recently, featuring two of the main male characters in a no-holds-barred nude scene of frenzied sexual activity, that added absolutely nothing to the story.

If I want to watch pornography (of any sexual persuasion) there are plenty of specialist Websites and subscription TV channels available to me or anyone else who wants to indulge.

I surely cannot be the only “straight male” who – on seeing two men engaged in a full-on kiss – has to say, “Pass the sick bucket”. It does make me cringe. Am I alone? Should I be pilloried? For reasons connected with my male sexuality, seeing two women in a similar situation doesn’t provoke exactly the same response, but it does provoke a feeling of discomfort and embarrassment, and of course it might then be my wife calling for the sick bucket! The reason for the difference in attitude is to do with mentally putting oneself in the position of one of the participants.

Having said all that, I need to assert that we are all human beings of equal worth. I really do not care if someone is gay¸ lesbian¸ trans-gender, bisexual, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or atheist so long as they are decent people. What any of them get up to in their own homes, churches, mosques or synagogues is none of my business. All that it is necessary to know about someone is .. what is your real character? Are you good or are you evil? Do you intend to help me or do you intend to harm me?

I defend all these peoples’ right to exist.

You achieve great things (or fail to achieve them) according to your own abilities (or lack of them). There should be no special treatment (with the exception of those who are physically or mentally disabled). Recently there’s been much soul-searching on the failure of the film world to nominate black actors for the OSCARS. Why?

Why is there a Black Police Officers Association?

Why is there not a White Police Officers Association?

Why is there not an Association of Police Officers with Unreasonably Big Noses?

Why is there not an Association for Real Sexual Equality? (ARSE)

My 13-year old grandson was recently given some homework for so-called “Philosopy & Ethics” studies. The task was to design a children’s book, with an appropriate front cover illustration, explaining how to deal with homosexual partnerships, families with two fathers, families with two mothers, and so on. Why?

Would he not be better served by being taught the fundamentals of civilised human relationships without constantly banging on about the “LGBT Community”?
Would he not be better served by being required to learn multiplication tables? That would be a novelty, wouldn’t it!

Finally, returning to the subject of TV programs .. if we are going to get warnings before a program starts that there will be “some strong language” and “scenes of a sexual nature”, then in the spirit of placing everyone into labelled boxes, perhaps they could be more specific and say, “There will be scenes of a homosexual nature”. Then “straight” guys like me could reach for the Remote.

Lionel Beck

Male Heterosexual
Human Being
Liberal Democrat

Please donate generously in support of this endangered species. Thank you.

- oOo -