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09 October 2010

Stupid Signs

Why do the numpties of the Highways Department think it is necessary to place these signs?!

Obviously it has escaped their notice that if you are driving a car along a road, then the actual road ahead is pretty much in your field of vision.

This being the case, the absence of road markings tends to be self-evident.

If the road is not in your field of vision I venture to suggest you should not be driving.

Similarly, if you read this notice, and then see road markings, then you might be hallucinating, in which case it's time to hang up your driving gloves.

Fortunately for you, however, it is usually the case that you are seeing the road markings because, having painted them on the road, the highways people have gone away forever and forgotten to take the sign with them.


Anonymous said...

Hello LB,

That was a great little post.
I've always wondered about Deer Crossing signs. How do the deer know that's where they're supposed to cross?!

I'm the Quiet Reader who left you comments several months ago, and I also left a very amusing response to which you did not reply, which crushed me.

Hope you're well.

The River Man said...

Thanks Anonymous! Sorry I crushed you. How do the deer know where to cross? The blind one has the answer .. no-eye deer. (Sorry about that.) It would be sensible if deer could be persuaded to cross at the same place as the heavy plant.

Anonymous said...

Right, you can't force them. They get ticked easily. But they soon buck up and can't hide it.

Oh deer.