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15 February 2010

British National Party

Now that the BNP has changed its constitution to comply with a legal judgement against its original policy of allowing only white indigenous British membership, I wait with bated breath for the headlong rush of non-white UK citizens who have been waiting impatiently to join the Party!


Anonymous said...

Hello again.

I wonder if you read my comment, located on your last post.

Like I said, I think you would enjoy

You may gain some knowledge, and you may also have some valuable opinions to share. - I'm sure of it!

Come on over!

The River Man said...

Yes - thanks for visiting, and I read your comment. Had a look at the site you mentioned, but have to say I'm not that taken by so-called conspiracy theories. Being retired I have absolutely no spare time and have to place a limit on how long I'm stuck in front of this damned screen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding.

The word conspiracy is somewhat misleading, as it is connotative of fringe theory. The thing is, this stuff is real. What is important to understand is the false left/right paradigm. - The same financial interests fund and control both parties. There is no change of agenda no matter who is put in office. Once you realize this, the puzzle pieces fall into place.

By the way, it isn't my site, I just happen to think it's worthy of being promoted. There are also many great articles on help for different health problems. That alone is worth the trip. And you don't have to register in order to post.

If you ever change your mind or find the time, you are always welcome.

Thanks for your time.

Just to say, I really enjoyed Dots story and your description of Welsh speaking, among other creative posts. I appreciate your heartfelt and interesting writing on these sites. You never know whos reading. I'm from America, by the way. Don't hold it against me.

I will continue checking in on your blog. Take care.

The River Man said...

Dear "Anonymous", it would be good if you were not anonymous. I appreciate your comments, and I'm glad you read about Dot! I would never hold against you the fact that you are American (I appreciate you have tongue in cheek here!) as I have a number of good American friends made online, at least seven of which have at one time or another in the past four years actually crossed the herring pond and have graced our house with their presence. As Churchill once said, we are two nations separated by a common language. It is always interesting to walk the tightrope of dialogue between us. If you were an enthusiastic supporter of George W Bush I might be persuaded to hold that against you. ;) Perhaps you might care to send the occasional e-mail to
Regards, LB (The River Man)

Anonymous said...


I do appreciate that you allow anonymous comments. Not everyone has, or wants, a google account.

I'm a little afraid that you are really going to let me have it in private, as any solicitor deserves.

May talk to you there. - Thanks.

Is there a safety net in place?